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Build your Makeup Kit as you become more Experienced!

SO many people ask me how to get started with makeup, what products I recommend for beginners, and the staples that everyone should have in their kit.  Well, here is an in-depth post telling you what to try and how to use it… in simplified language to help even you complete “noobs” understand how to start out in the wonderful world of makeup art!

LEVEL ONE:  Beginner

Start out with the absolute basics, so that you can become accustomed to applying different types of makeup to all the areas of your face.  

Tinted moisturizer - gets you accustomed to applying moisturizer before you put on your makeup, and gives sheer coverage to start evening out your skin tone.  BB creams are essentially tinted moisturizers, so you could try them as well.  Use your fingers to blend a small amount all over your face and down onto your neck to prevent any “foundation lines”.

Concealer - Use this on any areas of your face that you need more coverage, such as over blemishes, under your eyes, and around your nose and mouth.  Put a tiny amount on your finger and pat - don’t rub - this onto your skin to blend.  Concealer comes in stick, liquid or cream (jar) form.

Pencil Eyeliner - This will help you get used to applying things around your eyes, and will help bring more definition.  Draw short dashes along your upper lashline as close to your lashes as possible, and then connect these lines to create a smooth shape.  

Mascara - Mascara is one of the most important products you can use.  Carefully apply this to your upper and lower lashes, using only one or two coats.  Wiggle the brush at the base of your lashes first to add volume, and then bring up through to create length.

Lip Gloss or Tinted Balm - These will just add a little color to your lips without being too dramatic.  Gloss will make your lips shiny and add sheer color.  Balm moisturizes and creates just a light flush of color.

Mastered all of these products and their application?  Now you can move on to the Amateur level and try out new items!

LEVEL TWO - Amateur

Now you can start experimenting with all different kinds of makeup, and more importantly, brushes!  You’ve already figured out the bare basics, and it’s time to elevate your look.  You DON’T need to (and probably shouldn’t) use all of these products at once, but try them out to see what you like and what you’re comfortable with wearing.

Foundation - Apply this instead of your tinted moisturizer (but make sure you’re moisturizing first!) in one thin layer all over your face, blending down onto your neck to prevent foundation lines.  If you need more coverage in some areas, add a tiny bit of concealer and blend it over top.  Foundation comes in liquid, cream, stick, and powder form (if you are using powder all over your face, apply concealer first)

Powder -  Use a sheer pressed or loose powder in your T-zone to set your foundation and to prevent shininess.  *Do not use powder if you have dry skin*

Blush and Bronzer - Apply a light wash of color to the apples of your cheeks.  Pick colors that compliment your skin (if you are light skinned, go for lighter colors, dark skin - pick saturated tones). Apply just a small amount at first, and then build up the color to your liking.

Eyeshadow - Start out with a small quad of neutral colors, like browns and creams.  Watch a few YouTube tutorials and learn different application techniques before you go for darker or brighter colors.

Liquid and/or Gel Eyeliner - This type of liner will create very clean, sharp lines.  It can be tricky to learn how to apply, but is definitely worth mastering.  

Lipstick - Lipstick is a fun, and really easy way to take your makeup look to the next level.  Start out with muted pinks to compliment your skin tone before you move on to brighter shades like red, fuschia or coral.  Click here to see how to find colors for your skin tone!

Brushes - Brushes are important for applying all of the products I’ve mentioned at this level.  There are tons of different types of brushes out there, (click here to see my brush guide) but the absolute basics to start out with are foundation brushes, a powder brush, a blush brush, a flat eyeshadow brush, a blending eyeshadow brush, and an angled eyeliner brush.

Once you’ve mastered these products and their application techniques, you can move on to the more advanced products at the Novice level!


Lip Liner -  Once you’ve fallen in love with lipstick, lip liner is the next step you need to take to make sure your lips look as perfect as possible.  Lip liner keeps your lipstick from fading or bleeding into fine lines around your mouth.  You can also use liner to create ombre looks, or all over underneath your lipstick to make a different color.

Lip Stain - Lip stain is a great option for when you’re on the go, because it is long lasting.  It provides a sheer, matte wash of color, and can be worn alone or with other lip products. You apply this like you’re coloring in your lips with a marker!

Brow Filler - Filling in your brows is important, especially if you’re going for a more full-on makeup look.  They don’t need to look gaudy, just natural and full.  You can use a brow pencil, or just a bit of eyeshadow with an angled brush.

Contour and Highlight - After you’ve learned how to apply blush and bronzer, you can finally move onto contouring.  Contouring and highlighting helps define your cheekbones (and other parts of the face) to create a more defined shape.  Use a matte bronzer as a contour, and a shimmery highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones.

Face Primer - Apply this all over your face underneath your foundation to fill in pores and fine lines.  Primer acts as a barrier between your skin and your makeup, to help create a smoother, more long lasting makeup look.

Eye Primer - Apply a small amount to your lids and blend in before applying eye makeup.  Primer smooths out your lids to help eyeshadow blend more smoothly and show up more vibrant.  It also helps prevent creasing throughout the day.

Think you’ve mastered all of these elements and their application?  Now you’re completely unlimited!  Try out glitter, bright colors, crazy eye looks… test your boundaries.  Makeup isn’t meant to be boring, it is an artform!  Use it however you like, as long as it is for good.


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Made With Paper



Add a unique color to your food with edible spray paint!


This I would actually use for decorating cakes or dressing up the snacks at a party

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"Note to self: every time you were convinced you couldn’t go on, you did."


(107/365) by (DS)

i really, really like this.

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The day was a blur,
a beautiful blur
of loud laughs
and genuine smiles.
I think you could feel
the happiness
in the atmosphere and
I wish
it could’ve lasted forever.

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"You can fall out of hate, just like with love."

- M.O.W, A ten word story (via imwritingpoems)
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